The Endurance Athlete: Carol Addy

Kettlebell Sport has long been popular over in Europe. In recent years, this endurance sport has begun to gain more attention here in the states… Carol Addy is just one of the many kettlebell enthusiasts turned sport athlete to step onto the AKA platform to compete.

Carol Addy (Photo 1)

She was certified in kettlebells with Strong First in 2013 and made the transition into sport in early 2015. Her 16 kg Snatch debut was that October and she’s continued to compete and excel as a vetern in the sport ever sense. Personally, she found her hard style background an asset during the transition into sport style. The familiarity of how to generally handle/move with a kettlebell had already been established.

Endurance sports have always appealed to Carol for both the mental and physical challenge. She used to be a long distance runner with several marathons under her belt and was also a competitive cyclist. Now in her mid-50’s, the rigors of the training process along with the support of the community, keep her prepping for her next competition.

Carol Addy (Photo 3)

Like any sport, it takes a strict and passionate dedication to training to be successful. As a hardworking professional, she carves out time to hit her training sets at the work place office and at home. Four days a week, she commits to picking up her bells in prep for the next competition. Just this past month, she competed in her first Biathlon with 12 kg putting up impressive numbers. Carol is a true testament to the kind of “grit” one needs to be successful in the sport as she continues to inspire others.

Kelly Manzone