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AKA US National Team Selection process for WKSF World Championships to be held in Ireland on May 23-26, 2019

  1. As previously stated, all team members will be selected from the Arnold Classic event protocol. 
  2. Weight classes will be based on WKSF weight categories. 
  3. Professional divisions will he filled with the top two lifters in each category as allowed by the WKSF. 
  4. For each amateur lift. The top three lifters from the Arnold Classic event protocol will be selected. 
  5. Juniors and veterans. If you qualify as a junior or a veteran and competed in a different division (professional or amateur) you may also compete in the junior or veteran division as well. 
  6. You will be selected based on the lift you competed at the Arnold Classic. Additional lifts may be added if there are spots available on the team and at the discretion of the team coordinator and the AKA executive team. 

Additional information:

  1. All competition related travel and expenses (including but not limited to airfare, housing, food, and insurance) will be the responsibility of the athlete. 
  2. If the hosting country specified hotels for USA athletes it is the expectation that all team athletes will stay in the specified hotel. This is frequently done for security reasons and is non-negotiable. 
  3. Team uniforms are mandatory for participation. Uniform cost is the responsibility of the athlete. 
  4. Athletes may do their own fundraising for travel, uniform and other participation related expenses. Upon confirmation of participation on the team, athletes will receive an official letter of participation from the AKA. This letter can be given to potential sponsors as proof of participation. 
  5. Before an athlete can be registered for events they will be required to sign a code of conduct letter. This must be signed if an athlete wishes to participate on the US National Team. Failure to comply with code of conduct while at the event or during the selection process may prevent the athlete from future consideration on the US National Team. 

We are looking forward to supporting the AKA US National team athletes and are excited for their future success! 



Drop us a line if you interested to become one, and we will keep you informed.

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Team USA Results from IUKL World Championship 2017 at Seoul, South Korea.

Veterans Rank 2nd and Adults Rank 8th in the World Overall Team USA Wins 26 Medals


Team USA Veterans took one of the top places (2nd place) at the International Union of Kettlebell Lifters (IUKL) World Kettlebell Championships 2017 held November 15-18 at Olympic Park in Seoul Korea. Overall, Team USA members, Lynn Bonnemere, Laura Brown, Camargo, Jennifer Casey, Irvin Charleston, Dana Curcio, Sarah Fornero, Kimberly Fox, Tim Fullmer, Vyacheslav Gurevich, William Hass, Barbara Hutchinson, Andrey Kleyner, Marlena Klimkiewicz, Nick Kotwica, Svitlana Krechyk, Richard Morton, Valerie Pawlowski, Douglas Seamans, Mike Sherman, David Steele, Jon Vitolo, Dale Wall, Jamie Wolcott, Joann Worden, Tina Yerkes, placed 8th of the 33 countries competing. 

Along with the “classic” competition lifts, this year’s World Competition also featured the “trial” woman’s two arm long cycle. Countries represented in the Women’s Two-Arm Long Cycle competition were from Canada, England, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, and USA. Our own Kimberly Fox won first place lifting two 24kg’s with 64 reps and Sarah Fornero took 3rd doing 89 reps lifting 16’s. Overall There were 453 competitors from around the world registered for the event that was held in the historic handball arena. The breakdown of medalists are as follows:

1st Place


Jamie Wolcott Veterans 12 kg long cycle

Mike Sherman Veterans Biathlon.

Joanne Worden 16kg one arm long cycle

Dana Curcio 16kg Snatch

Sarah Fornero 16 kg Two-Arm Long Cycle

Tina Yerkes Veterans Snatch

Kimberly Fox 24 kg Two-Arm Long Cycle

Valerie Pawlowski Veterans 12 kg Snatch

Valerie Pawlowski Veterans 12 kg Long Cycle

2nd Place


Doug Seamans Long Cycle 24kg

Ivone Maia Veterans Snatch

Slava Gurevich  Veterans Long Cycle 24kg

Svetlana Krechyk Long Cycle one arm 24kg

Jamie Wolcott Veteran division 50-54 68kg+

Lynn Bonnemere Veterans Snatch 8kg

Irvin Charleston Silver Veterans Long Cycle

Dale Wall Veterans Long Cycle

Valerie Pawlowski Professional Snatch

Tina Yerkes Veteran Long Cycle

3rd Place


Bridget Barto One Arm Long Cycle

Barbara Hutchinson One Arm Long Cycle

Irvin Charleston Biathlon

Irvin Charleston Veterans Biathlon

Tm Fuller Veterans Biathlon

Tina Yerkes Snatch

Valerie Pawlowski 24kg Professional Long Cycle

Sarah Fornero Two-Arm Long Cycle


Congratulations to our entire team who not only trained vigorously for the competition but also spent the time and money to travel to Seoul using their own expense to compete. We tend to focus our talk on the medals won and ranks achieved, but being a part of Team USA is much more than ranks and medals. Our participation is in something greater, being a member of Team USA brings one into the greater worldwide kettlebell sport community. What we see at our local and regional meets is suddenly played out in an international community. Being at an international competition one suddenly realizes the truth in the adage about sport bringing humanity together. It matters not our country of origin what matters is that we are united in or passion or kettlebell sport in a world. If you are interested in joining our team we’d love to have you. The Team USA qualifier will be held during USA Nationals May 5-6 2018 in Wilton Connecticut and the World Championship in 2018 will be held October 5-7, 2018 in Daugavpils, Latvia. Care to join us?


Lastly, we’d like to thank Kettlebell Kings and GS Planet for their continued support of Team USA and the growth of kettlebell sport in the USA.

2017 Team USA proud sponsors


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