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Arnold Classic Festival 2020

First weekend of March 2020 in Columbus, OH, USA

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Registration is NOW OPEN for Arnold Classic!

WAKSC World Championship and WKSF Team USA 2019 Qualifier


In this international competition the strongest lifters from around the world will go head to head to compete for the top spot!

We will be welcoming lifters and clubs from Canada, Russia, Australia, Ukraine, Poland and more! Come represent your country, your club and prove yourself to be one of the BEST!

As a special Thank You to participating clubs, please send us a high quality pdf or vector image of your team logo by January 28 and it will be displayed on an event banner!

Come together with your international kettlebell friends and family to compete and celebrate success!

Important information regarding the GSPlanet and AKA Kettlebell competition to be held at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio!

March 1-3, 2019

The Arnold Sports Festival has been a cornerstone competition for AKA Kettlebell competitions! This year is no exception. In fact, with the events we have planned this year will be bigger and better than ever!

Highlights happening at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival will include:

WAKSC World championships

GS Planet Kettlebell FACE-OFF International Fight

IKMF Marathon events

Vintage Strength Competition

Kettlebell juggling.

If this wasn’t enough excitement, the event will also be the official qualifier for Team USA to represent at WKSF and IKMF World Championships. 

Strongest athletes will have the chance to earn cash prizes from our sponsors at Kettlebell Kings, Mobility sticks, GS Planet, Ultra Human Performance, VIKN Chalk, and Isagenix.

All lifts will be competed including 5- and 10-minute sets! 

No lifter will be left out of this event!

You will be able to earn ranks up to MSIC in all federations represented!

This is truly an unconventional event at one of the premier sports festivals in the world. Don’t miss out this will be a major kick off for an exciting 2019 AKA lifting season.

The strongest lifters from around the world, including Arnold himself will attend at this event. 

Where will you be?

Book your hotel early before it sells out!

Official Hotel information for the Arnold Sports Festival can be found by using the following link below.


Event Schedulle :

Friday: Biathlone 10min, Long Cycle 5min, Snatch 10min, Jerk Only 10 min. GSPlanet FACE-OFF 

Saturday: Biathlone 5min, Long Cycle 10min, Snatch 5min, Jerk only 5 min. GSPlanet FACE-OFF

Sunday: Marathone, Half Marathone, GSPlanet FACE-OFF final, Vintage Strength Games. 

Weigh inn: We will start weigh in on Thursday night, and you can weigh in every night before your lift. More information as soon as we find out times and locations from Arnold Team. 

Thank you Kettlebell Nation!


Arnold Classic 2018

USA Cup Series #1. Arnold Classic Kettlebell Sport Festival

 Greetings Kettlebell Nation!  This past weekend over 50 kettlebell sport lifters celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Arnold Classic by competing in the 2018 Kettlebell Sport Arnold Classic Competition. 

This was a truely international competition with lifters from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and all over the US competing. We welcomed several first-time lifters into our kettlebell community along with first time youth lifters including M. Barnhizer who took first place in her division. Other lifters of note were overall winners:  Tkachuk Mykola Male Biathlon  Mike Sherman Male Biathlon Veteran  Heidi Glovack Female Biathlon  Gabriel Jose Matos Male Snatch  Jordan Tyjeski Female Snatch  Lisa Craig Female Snatch Veteran  Tomasz Potaczek Male Long-Cycle 85kg category  Ivan Diachenko Male Long-Cycle 78kg category  Elizabeth Brown Female Long-Cycle  Catherine Daniels Female One Arm Long-Cycle 68+ category  Marlena Klimkiewicz Female One Arm Long-Cycle 58kg category  A small but might group of lifters competed in the first ever Arnold Kettlebell Sport Competition ½ marathon. In it Dan Wells took first place in Snatch by snatching 16kg 593 times. In the 12kg Snatch, Dan Barnhizer took first with 587 repetitions. Congratulations to them and all the other lifters who all went the 30-minute distance.  Along with the classic kettlebell sport competition, Brad Hutchins took first place in the vintage Strength 25 pound mace competition and Jason Tackett too first in the 30 pound competition. On Sunday GSPlanet Kettlebell FACE-OFF was held on the Arnold Classic Rogue Main Stage. The Arnold spectator crowd was really into the action as six competitors, in pairs of two, competed head to head in Long-cycle. Snatch and Jerk. The overall winner was Mnukh Roman from Ukraine.  If your are not already, 

it’s time to begin training for the USA Kettlebell Sport National Championship taking place May 5-6 in Wilton CT. The National Championship determines the “best of the best” in kettlebell sport. Besides determining the best national lifters, it is also the draft qualification event for the 2018 edition of Team USA that will compete in the IUKL World Kettlebell Sport Championship. This year the World Championship takes place in Daugavpils Latvia October 10-15. Details on the USA Kettlebell Sport Championship, the Team USA qualification process, and IUKL World Championship will appear here soon. 

 The next competition in the AKA USA Cup Series, is the Keystone Classic Open Championship in Lewisburg Pennsylvania July 14 followed a week later by USA Cup Series #3 the Mid-West Open Championship on July 21st. 

 Thanks for being a part of our nationwide and world wide kettlebell community.

 Lift for Life! 

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